How To Print On Index Cards

There are many ways to print onto index cards. Index cards range from different sizes and shapes, the most common being 3×5 inches and 4×6 inches.

Many people choose to print onto these two sizes in order to fit their needs best. In this article, there will be a list of ways to print onto these index cards.

The steps may vary slightly depending on the type of printer, or if you are printing from a computer or off an external device such as a flash drive.

Read on to know how to print on Index cards in various ways.

How To Print On Index Cards- Step By Step Guide

Some of the most common ways to print on index cards are by using a printer, a flash drive, or a computer.


1.) If you have a printer, simply print your document onto regular white paper and then cut down the edges to size of the index card.

2.) Place your index card into your printer paper tray.

3.) Print your document onto the index card, making sure to center it.

4.) Remove the completed print job from the paper tray and let cool.

Flash Drive

1.) If you have a flash drive or memory stick that holds data, simply create a word document on your computer, insert the flash drive into the computer, and save your file onto the flash drive.

2.) Insert the flash drive into the appropriate USB slot on your printer.

3.) On the printer screen, select your memory device as your input source for printing.

4.) Select print and begin to print off of you flash drive onto an index card.


1.) If you are using a computer to print onto index cards, start by creating a word document on the computer.

2.) Insert your USB into your printer. For Mac users, insert your memory stick into an available USB slot on the side of the printer itself.

3.) Select print and choose what size of paper you would like to print on (most likely index cards).

4.) Select where you would like to save the printed document, and make sure it’s under “Documents.”

5.) Name your file and select finish. Your computer will begin to work its magic and start printing onto your flash drive or memory stick. After a few minutes, simply remove the flash drive and begin printing.

These are just a few of the many ways to print onto an index card. There are many other alternatives for this, but these listed here should be pretty simple to use. If you have any ink left over after printing onto your index card, do not worry! Just cut off the edges of the card and save the rest of your ink for later.

Tips For When Printing On Index Cards

1.) Make sure to print on regular printer paper, both sides of the paper, and let cool completely before trimming down.

2.) If you are printing onto an index card that is thicker than normal printer paper (such as if you used cardstock or thick photo paper), there may be some problems with the layers catching each other. To solve this, simply run your hand along the top of the paper where it goes through the printer to separate your layers so they print correctly.

3.) When printing off an external device such as a flash drive or memory stick, make sure you are selecting “Print” instead of saving to your device. This way, you will save ink and time by printing directly instead of waiting for the data to transfer.

4.) Use this method particularly if you are looking to print a larger quantity of index cards, as it will save ink and time that would otherwise be spent transferring data.


In conclusion, there are many different ways to print onto index cards without using an actual printer. The steps are relatively easy, and you should be able to print with ease.

There are many different variations of this method, so if you have any questions about the process ask someone at your local library or community center for help.

These methods can also be used on other types of paper that are thicker than normal printer paper. You just have to run your hand along the paper where it goes through the printer to separate the layers before printing. Good luck!

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