How To Print Google Maps

Nowadays, Google Maps is used on almost every computer with an Internet connection. Google Maps provides not only their own map but also the various routes one can find based on different starting points or destinations.

On android devices, it is very easy to print a Google Map but unfortunately that’s not the case for your regular printer at home.

I will first describe which steps are necessary to print Google Maps on your own printer and then go deeper into the details for each step.

Printing Materials You’ll Need

  • 1 piece of paper (A4 or US Letter)
  • 2 pieces of scotch tape
  • 1 small paper pin

Steps To Print Google Maps

Step 1: Opening the Map

Before you start, open your browser and go to Google Maps. Find a location that you want to print. If it is just one point, then select “my places” and add the location to your list.

Then, zoom in or out until you find what you were looking for. If you want to print the route between different locations, select “my maps” and click on “create new map”.

Then, either type in each location or find them by using the search bar (e.g. Starbucks). After adding two or more locations, press the arrow next to each location to create a route between them.

Before printing your map, it is definitely a good idea to check whether everything is correct or not. You can do that by right-clicking on the map and selecting “what’s here?”.

Then, you should be able to see each location with its name. If something is wrong, you can change it now before continuing with the next step.

Step 2: Printing on Paper

Once you are satisfied with all of your locations, it is time to print the map on paper. Before printing, make sure that you have all materials at hand (see above).

Then, look for the print button in the top right corner and click it. Afterward, select what kind of paper you are using. Usually, this would be either “A4” or “US Letter”.

After that, you have to decide whether you want to print your map with a specific ratio or not. Finally, click on “Print”, wait until the printer is finished and enjoy your printed Google Map!

Step 3: Cutting Out The Map

Now that your map is printed on paper, it’s time to cut out the borders. First of all, carefully put one piece of scotch tape at the top and another one at the bottom of your printed map.

Then, start cutting along each border while pulling through some tape back onto itself. If you want to keep your cut straight, I would recommend using a ruler. Try to pull out as much tape as possible on the borders and then cut it off again, but make sure that you don’t leave too many “loose ends”.

If this step is executed properly, your map should now look like the one in the picture above. Afterward, take your small paper pin and stick it somewhere in the middle of your map. Now it is time to fold the map!

Step 4: Folding The Map

Now that you have a small paper pin stuck in the middle of your Google Map, it’s time to start folding! First, place one side on top of the other and then put your fingers between them.

You should feel some space between the two borders. If this is not the case, try to pull out some more tape instead of folding it together with your map.

Every time you feel some space, press down your finger slightly and then let go again once you feel the inside paper inside the border move away from itself a little bit. Once finished with this step, you should have something like the picture above.

Step 5: Flattening The Map

After folding your map, it is time to flatten it out so that printing triangles become visible on your Google Map! First of all, take a firm and flat surface and put your Google Map on top of it. Then, use both your hands to flatten it out as best as you can. When finished, you should have something like the picture above.

Step 6: Printing The Triangles

Now that your map is completely flat, it’s now time to print the triangles! For this step, you will need scotch tape again.

First of all, print your Google Map on some paper according to the specifications above. Then, measure out some paper triangles (and cut them out of course).

Afterward, put your printed map on top of the triangle and make sure that it fits exactly inside. If you are happy with how everything looks, place two pieces of scotch tape at the top and bottom of the triangle.

Finally, stick your printed map onto the paper triangle, fold it together and then close with one piece of scotch tape at the top! Congratulations – you have just created your very own Google Map Pinboard!

Finally, stick your printed map onto the paper triangle, fold it together and then close with one piece of scotch tape at the top! Congratulations – you have just created your very own Google Map Pinboard!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Finished Product!

Now that you have successfully finished this project, you can show that to your friends and family all of the places that you have been to or want to visit!

You can also hang it on your wall for decoration purposes. If you are a student, it may be a good idea to bring this map with you to class so that you can study it together with your classmates.


Now that you know how to print Google maps, you’ll be able to do this with ease. This is a very easy way to create your own Google Map pinboard. By following the steps, you will be able to track all of the places that you have been at and hang it on your wall as decoration.

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