About Quarter Inch Publishing

Quarter Inch Publishing 21 Years Ago

Back in 2000, Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli created this site to educate people about quilting. She has successfully designed and produced her product line of books, patterns, fabrics and notions. Along with that, she shared her knowledge and ideas on this website. Not only that, she wrote some books on quilting in the meantime.

Quarter Inch Publishing Now

Years have passed by and now it’s time to pass the torch. Jane blended her authenticity and expertise of quilting with writing and helped the readers, the new QuarterInchPublishing will do the same.

The love and expertise are still there, but we’re going to put that to present our readers with authentic reviews. This time, we’ll be covering products related to printing. The website will cover product recommendations and information on various printing machines and works.

The new journey is going to be exciting! Hope you stay with us, just like you stayed and supported for the last 21 years.