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Just when you think it may be working????

Dont know how many of you out there have to deal with a web site? It’ not for the faint at heart.  I have been at witts end over the redo but hopefully this will be my final and it will post?  Let me know what you think??? I am hoping to be more dedicated to updates and posting…….. but what can I say, I have a crazy life.

On our product page we have a few new patterns and ideas to share with you do check it out.

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6 thoughts on “Just when you think it may be working????

  1. Hi Jane,
    I am the current program chairperson of Cotton Patch Quilter in Kern county. We are interested to know about your reverse applique technique workshop & trunk show. You have in our guild once before & I met you at Veterans Elementary school a few years back.

    1. My site has been down for a while and unable to recieve coments. If you wish to contact me direct about lecture information email me at
      thank you

  2. Hi,

    I’ve attempted several times to place an order for the pattern Ramona, but it keeps asking me to enter shipping information. The information was entered and it would not take my order. I would love to purchase your pattern.


    1. Site is now fixed please try agian

  3. Dear Jane,
    I’m trying to order two Cascarones books; one hardcover, one soft cover. When I get to the end when I should pay, it says no shipping method has been chosen, yet there is no option available.
    Then when I go to pay, I cannot get the site to come up.
    I’m trying to get the books we need for our school’s Author Fair. We are so excited about it but can’t seem to get the books. Thank you.
    Dori Caldwell
    GSDRA member and Authors’ Fair co-organizer

    1. We have worked the problem out now. Sorry
      I will be bringing books with me on that day for purchase

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