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eggs0012Besides her delightfully fun bilingual books, Jane also offers another way to educate children about quilting, the Hispanic culture and book publishing through school assemblies and classroom lectures.
The assemblies and classroom lectures include a detailed and entertaining look of how a small idea can grow into a published book. Jane’s step-by-step explanation stimulates children’s imaginations offering them yet another creative outlet to explore.
pina0010The assemblies and lectures also include a slide reading of one of Jane’s published books and a quilt presentation that allows the children to see the finished product that they themselves can create from any of her books.



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3 Presentation per Day :                             Copy of scan0011            Presentation: 45 minutes – One Hour Each        Fee: $1000.00 per day plus travel

Presented in English Only

 msoE35CC Contact offfice for press packet: 1/4 Inch Publishing 33255 Stoneman Street Lake Elsinore CA. 92530 Phone (951)2591819 Fax (951) 609-3369

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