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It’s March Already????

So here we go its the month of luck or the color green????

I started my month off with a great school authors visit at Sunnyside School in Bonita CA. The Confetti Eggs /Casarones book was choice. They did a great writing assignment and posted artwork to go with it. Was a great day.

So the quilt I am going to post is Cascarones from the book. Enjoy

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We have finally got the site straighten out???? I hope?????

So please if you tried to order and it failed please try again. And let me know if you have problems. I have also updated my calendar.

Starting March 1, 2017 I will be doing a weekly post and feature a design of the week. And maybe a few words of wisdom? Or just my thoughts.

Hope you enjoy them

Read, write, dream and enjoy


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Just when you think it may be working????

Dont know how many of you out there have to deal with a web site? It’ not for the faint at heart.  I have been at witts end over the redo but hopefully this will be my final and it will post?  Let me know what you think??? I am hoping to be more dedicated to updates and posting…….. but what can I say, I have a crazy life.

On our product page we have a few new patterns and ideas to share with you do check it out.

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